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Winter commuter

I used to ride on snowpacked and icy roads with studded snow tires but quit when I almost got taken out by a truck sliding out of control. Well, I commute to work on a dirt trail that holds snow and ice on norh-facing hills and shady spots so I wasn't riding much in winter. Well, I thought of those studded snow tires--they wouldn't fit on the commuter due to brake reach so I just made a new fork (see photos under New Projects) and with long reach brakes they work like a charm. The brakes don't work so well but this isn't some world cup CX race. The tires have carbide studs so they won't wear out if ridden on pavement--I just leave them on all winter. They're terrible in chop or deeper snow but they rock on hard-pack or ice, as long as there's no ruts to get stuck in. Try some--get off the trainer and outside, you'll love it!

Religious Conversion

I recently altered my cyclocross bike from an amalgamation of parts from my used parts bin to a more consistant build and 1 x 10 conversion. Now it is said that from a design perspective, something is complete not when you can no longer add something to it but when you can no longer take something away and have it retain it's suchness, it's original purpose.  Well, this bike is a step in that direction. 

It's all relative, of course.  This bike is far from a fixie, for examplle, but a 1-by is inherently more simple than other setups, and it's somehow rewarding to look down and see a single chainrin and no front derailleur.  I don't miss the high range at all and have to stand more on hills but there's plenty here for me. 

I ride a single speed mtb and road bikes, but find that cross works better with at least some gears.  This is a nod toward making do with less, and that's liberating at some level.

Incidentally, the dropouts are Paragon low riders and they have a long tang that tends to throw out the chain stays (unles they are bent).  This puts paid to narrow Q angle road cranks as they'll hit against the stays so I used a mtb crank which is fine.  Feels slightly odd for the first minute, then you never give it a thought.  I'm running a 39 tooth front and 11-28 rear.  Sweet.


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